About ARELI™ Solutions

ARELI™ Solutions began as an informal network of homeland security professionals and subject matter experts (SMEs) frustrated by risk adverse agencies and organizations paralyzed by process rather than driven by objectives.  They observed that today’s rapid paced 24-hour world requires professionals that can swiftly respond to the needs of public and private sector clients.  They began sharing and directing opportunities to vetted independent consultants and small businesses that would be responsive to their customer requirements.

Today, ARELI™ Solutions is both an opportunity clearing house through which we provide clients with vetted personnel and small businesses and a direct solutions provider in the homeland security and all hazards preparedness; critical infrastructure protection; risk, incident, consequence, threat management and planning; and emergency management disciplines. 

Our professionals have supported all hazards preparedness solutions for a range of key resources and critical infrastructure.  Examples include:

  • Universities, Primary, and Secondary Schools
  • Industrial facilities such as Petrochemical Refineries and Electric Utilities
  • Large Gathering Areas and Entertainment Venues
  • Government Facilities
  • Medical Centers and Hospitals
  • Mass Transit 
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