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ARELI™ Solutions provides client-tailored all hazard preparedness services. The private and public sector of the 21st century requires on-demand and just-in-time delivery of solutions that address the challenges of the dynamic world we live in. Organizations require the best available data, methodologies, processes, products, and expertise to be successful.  Moreover, they require that solutions be provided in a cost-effective manner. 

ARELI™ Solutions assembles expert practitioners and vetted businesses from myriad disciplines to solve vexing problems for our public and private sector customers.  We provide professional services to solve our customers’ most important problems in our core business areas inclusive of security advisory services, threat assessment and mitigation, vulnerability assessments, risk assessment and analysis, critical infrastructure protection, surveillance, hostile surveillance detection, and training.

We are committed to producing successful outcomes for our customers regardless of the complexity and scope of the task.

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